Dehydration and summer heat are serious health risks to all ages
from babies to the elderly. When dehydration occurs we can
experience lots of body changes and quite suddenly, such as
migraine headaches, dizziness, terribly dry mouth, weakness,
and vomiting. When serious dehydration occurs we can ever
have seriously low blood pressures, rapid heart rates,
dizziness and even death.

When experiencing dehydration always drink and please do
not drink drinks with lots of sugar, as this only compounds
the issue. Sugar can spike the insulin levels in our body and
further complicate the issue of dehydration. Having some
fresh fruit such as an apple can also help with the prevention
of dehydration as they are mostly water and offer us also
necessary nutrients.

Mowing the yard, exercising in the heat of the day, attending
ballgames in the heat of the day, having health challenges are
just a few of the many ways one can become dehydrated in a
very short time. Always have water close by and drink every
few minutes to keep the body from dehydration! Water with
organic apple cider vinegar added is very refreshing and will
quickly hydrated the body also.

Dehydration |
Dehydration is a loss of water in the organism. Water accounts
for more than two thirds of human body mass. Water is
extremely important for the functioning of every cell; it is the
principal component of blood and other
Publish Date: 06/10/2011 16:35

Dehydration can be prevented by drinking almost
constantly rather then drinking lots of water at one time.
The body sends out warning signs such as the beginning of
feeling light headed, loss of sweat or perspiration, feeling
weak, feeling terribly hot and unable to breathe and
developing a headache. Pay attention to the warning signs
of dehydration and warning of having a heat stroke.

Easy, Clever Ways to Prevent Dehydration
According to my local weather forecast, today’s highs will
top 95 degrees. For my little corner of New England,
that’s brutally hot (and rather early i.
Publish Date: 06/09/2011 8:00

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